Monday, March 17, 2014

Tigers in Florida

Last Tuesday afternoon we loaded the family up (along with Grandpa Jerry) and headed to Lakeland, Florida for a Detroit Tigers Spring Training game. It was HOT. But we weren't complaining. Snow was heading to the Detroit area that we were happy to be in sunshine and warmth.
The game was SOLD OUT. I was shocked at how many Tigers fans were there! I guess we weren't the only ones hoping to escape the Michigan winter! We sat in the outfield - and despite some bugs - had a fun time. Tyson thinks he was able to watch about a half inning of actual baseball...guess that's what we get for dragging the kids along.
We enjoyed some hotdogs, beer (not for me), and popcorn. And everyone around us was talking about the Tigers or our awful winter. Felt like home.
She's still chewing on her hotdog...
Overall, we enjoyed the day! Grandpa Jerry was disappointed the Cubbies weren't playing and his efforts to get Jack to become a Cubs fan were foiled.

Looking forward to Opening Day in Detroit! 

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