Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cider Mill

Yesterday before my surprise partiers departed for Indiana - we paid a visit to a local cider mill for some honey crisp  apples, donuts, and fun. Jack was still basking in all the attention of THREE grandmas!
 A big wooden tractor with a slide - huge hit!
 "Hey - where's the XM radio in this thing?!?!"
 Spice {cinnamon & sugar} donuts - unbelievably delicious.
There were LOTS and LOTS of ducks behind the mill.  Jack wanted one.  He threw a FIT when it was time to leave - and his grandmas got to see his temper and his stubborn side.  Our next stop was a toy store - and {oh, how quickly the grandmas forgot about the tantrum} Jack left with a new ball and a wooden Choo-Choo train. So much for discipline when the grandmas are around...

Sidenote for my Grandma - Jack woke up this morning and as we were coming downstairs he was saying "Gigi? Gigi?" I think you made a friend.

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