Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Tonight was Jack's first official Halloween.  I knew I wanted him to go trick-or-treating, because I firmly believe every kid should participate such a fun event. {Read - mommy wanted some candy, too} I consulted with Jessica (aka: Sydney's mom) and after a thorough inspection of our neighborhood {lights off, cars gone, DO NOT DISTURB signs out...kidding about the last one}, we decided to call Brooke to see if Jack and Syd could tag along with Molly in her 'hood.
So a cheerleader, a cow, and a ladybug walk into a bar...wait...

As our quest for candy began - Jack was more interested in the airplanes flying overhead.  Sydney and Molly, however, knew what the task was and got right to work. They are good little beggars and they really play up the cute factor.
Syd was a door knocking master.  Molly and Jack stayed close to her because she always managed to get people to answer the door. They were impressed.
Three toddlers - one Radio Flyer wagon. We made it work.  There was minimal crying, only one push (that I saw - and of course it was my son), and lots of happy bellies {mine included}.  For the record - the 2nd to last stop of the night handed out FULL size candy bars to the kids and beer/wine to the parents. Sadly, I had to pass up this "treat" - but I'll remember that house for next year. Those people know what's up!
I think by the end of the night, Jack had figured it out.  This should make for an interesting walk around the block from now on...

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