Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Busy Morning...

It was a busy morning - by our standards. We were up early and headed off to a local park for some play time.  Jack's first trip down a slide (that was WAY too big for him) got his rear-end SOAKED. But being a busy boy, he didn't even notice.
 This slide was cool because it was rollers that rolled you down. Jack thought it was pretty sweet.
 Mastering the art of climbing. It's unreal to me that he can do this!
Capturing the slight change in leaves - as my child wanders off in the background.  I learned today that I am getting slower and he is getting faster...
Our final stop was the library for new books. Jack has a new found love for them and I am more than happy to feed his obsession.  His favorite topics are trains, trucks/cars, zoos/animals, and baseball.

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