Monday, October 31, 2011

Facial Hair...let's discuss

Devin sent us a picture of his Halloween attire. He has been sporting some new facial hair these day and he included it in his costume.  He bought mustache wax and he was an "Old Time Bartender."  To be fair, it was a pretty great costume.  However, my feelings about facial hair haven't changed.  I'm just not a fan.

Devin's picture got me thinking...  He and Kristin are planning a wedding in July. During this planning process, he has grown facial hair.  Which made me remember another Becker boy - in January 2005 - who was newly engaged when he decided to grow some facial hair. Coincidence?

Are there any psychologists out there that can offer an explanation?

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  1. I love facial hair on men..... Not a thick long beard but a nice short beard. I think Tyson looks great in this picture! I also like the smallngo- tee that Devon has, but I am not much into his mustache. Shirlee


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