Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baby Benjamin

A big part of our trip home was to meet a special baby boy who was born in August. Mr. Benjamin Maile! My best friend, Katie, is the proud momma of little Benjamin and I was afraid if we didn't get back to Warsaw to meet him - I wouldn't see him until he was practically a toddler. (okay, maybe just bigger baby)
Jack was his usual "busy" self. He was a little rough with the baby - which has me concerned for his sister's safety... But overall he found other things to do.  Here is a picture of him bonding with Benjamin's Daddy, Max.  Max and Jack are fellow Michiganians. Jack impressed Max with his knowledge of Tiger's baseball and Lions football.
Benjamin and me! He is still a tiny little guy (who looks a lot like his mommy). I loved snuggling him and remembering what it's like to hold a tiny baby.
Benjamin's proud Grandpa Steve. He was a sleepy boy - pretty content snoozing with anyone lucky enough to hold him.
It's hard to believe that Kate and I are mommies. Tyson, Jack, and I really enjoyed our visit to the Maile's and look forward to some fun play dates in the future (maybe when Benjamin can defend himself against Jack). I think we should also consider family vacations to Wolf Lake Ranch. (where the Beehlers & Clevengers vacationed together every summer for YEARS)

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