Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Franklin Cider Mill

We had a fun morning at the Franklin Cider Mill with Lucas, Christina, Brooke, & Molly! Here is a recap of our visit:
 Posing for a picture when he'd rather be running down a hill.
 Donuts, cider, and lots of fun with his buddies!
 So many beautiful pictures of fall! The colors are amazing.
 So weird. I noticed this sign on the way in & snapped a quick picture...but as we left - I noticed a change... I wonder if this was directed at the three moms with rowdy toddlers?!?!
And finally - if you google "pregnancy brain" you may find a picture of me and this image! Christina says she saw me put it down before we went into the Mill...but clearly, I did not. Regardless - I'm thankful to be in suburban Michigan, where I know my car won't get stolen...even when I leave my trunk up for an hour.

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