Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin - Part 2

We have a busy Halloween weekend ahead of us, so I decided tonight would be the best night to carve Jack's pumpkin.  Honestly, seeing the Friday Flashback picture made me feel guilty that my Dad had carved a pumpkin for me when I was 10 months old...yet I still hadn't carved one for my almost 2 year old. 
Checking out the insides of the pumpkin.  I should note that after watching me with a butcher knife - Tyson has a whole new image of me in his head. I wield a mean knife!
Jack liked scooping through the pumpkin "guts" - but his interest (and Tyson's interest) only lasted about 5 minutes.  I soon found myself carving the pumpkin alone...(maybe our little girl will like "crafty" things like her mommy).
Jack's finished Jack-o-latern...with Baby Sister's pumpkin next to it.
 Daddy and Jack
 Mommy and Jack
We emptied the pumpkin guts outside and Jack left a note.  We hope taking a peaceful (non-threatening) approach will work better this year.  Although Coop & Tuck are on "stand-by" just in case...

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