Thursday, October 20, 2011

32 Weeks

When I arrived at my appointment today, the girl behind the desk greeted me - "Oh hey, can head back for your ultrasound." I'm on a first name basis with the doctors and nurses at my OB office.  Does this mean I'm there too much? Give me a few years {and a couple more kids} and I'll be kicking it in the break room during their lunch!

My ultrasound went well. Our little girl is in the 40% for size - which everyone seemed happy about {me included}.

I was also happy to hear the following: "She has a little head." {Awesome!} "She has some chubby cheeks!" {Mama eats well.} "She has A LOT of hair!" {EXCUSE ME? Hold the phone!} Clevenger babies do not have "a lot of hair."  But Becker babies do...  Could it be? Could Jack's sister have Tyson's thick, brown hair and big brown eyes? {My mother can only hope.}

When I met with my no-nonsense doctor she gave me some more information about this baby...
Kady: Sometimes I feel light-headed.
Doctor: When?
Kady: Ummmm...after I eat donuts.
(my doctor laughs)
Doctor: Well, maybe you should have some protein with those donuts from now on.

Kady: I feel like she's really low and I always have to pee.
Doctor: Yeah, just wait until you have #4. I swore my last one was falling out...and I regularly peed my pants.

Checking heartbeat:
Doctor: She's in the 150's {baby moves around, my stomach looks like it's inhabited by an alien}
Doctor: HOLY COW! She's really active! Now it's in the 160's...170's...Whoa!
Kady: {slaps forehead} Here we go again...another Jack.


  1. Gotta love Dr. Fishbaugh! I remember her scolding me for wussing out when I was pushing.

  2. Seriously. I thought someone had brought in a football coach when I was pushing. She's dead serious about birthing babies!


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