Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zooooo Booooooo

Jack and I took a morning "stroll" through the zoo today. Actually, if I'm being honest - I waddled and Jack ran.  I had read in the Detroit Free Press that the animals were getting some pumpkins to eat & play with today.  So I thought it would be fun to see them with their new "toys."
The bears were awake and fun to watch - but they didn't have any interest in their pumpkins.  The monkeys, however, were eating and throwing pumpkin pieces all over! Silly monkeys!
We literally walked ALL over the zoo to see the new Lion Exhibit! When we got there - all of the Lions were resting.  But they are BIG and BEAUTIFUL creatures! It was interesting to read about how they arrived at our zoo.  Two were found in basements in Detroit (one was in a "crack house").  Three of the lions were found at a junkyard in Kansas. Unreal.  After the tragic events in Zanesville, OH last week - it was a sad reminder that people in this world are crazy.

Jack - running away from me.  He knows I can't run after him.  And then he hijacked my Sonic water. You know how much I love my ice waters from Sonic.
A final pose in front of the GIANT pumpkin.  It took a lot of strength, on my part, to get Jack back into his wagon.  Yes, we definitely had another ZOO BOO-HOO moment when it was time to leave.

{Sidenote: every visit to the zoo is also a sad reminder that many parents have zero control over their children. I know mine isn't perfect...but you will not see him harassing the peacocks & walking on top of railings (with 5ft drop offs). I just about broke out my teacher voice. The teacher death stare, well, that's a little harder to control.}

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  1. aww sweet! do you think they will still have pumpkins on monday? :)


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