Friday, October 7, 2011

Did you watch THE game last night?

This was from our "photoshoot" last week...
If you didn't - then I'm sorry you missed out.
But here is a re-cap:
- Don Kelly & Delmon Young said "Boo-yah" with a home run the first inning.
- The Yankees panicked and looked like a circus show as they rotated through their entire pitching staff.
- Doug Fister looked hot on the more ways than one.
- Our hitting left MUCH to be desired - but the Yankees didn't look good either. Phew.
- Papa Grande came in to close out the game...equipped with his "Magic Glasses" (as my friend, Carrie, says)

So far today - as Jack and I watched some Sportscenter - all I've heard about is the Yankees. NEWSFLASH ESPN: they LOST! Build a bridge... Despite what you may think - the world of sports does not center around New York.

The Tigers are Texas bound and we have HIGH hopes for their next series. Lots of room on the bandwagon... Join us!

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