Sunday, October 9, 2011

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin'

Jack and I took a stroll to our local park on Friday. He found an old-school Big Wheel bike and it was a hit!

We've enjoyed a pretty low-key weekend at home. Lots of traveling coming up for us - we have to get our travels in before my Nov. 14th deadline (no traveling after 36 weeks). We'll see if the Nov. 14th deadline doctors may change their minds as I get closer to delivery. You may remember they changed their minds when I was pregnant with Jack...

So far, so good. I'm almost 31 weeks!! Baby Girl is in the 50% for growth. She moves around a lot, but isn't a "vicious kicker" (unlike the previous inhabitant of my uterus - ahhhemmm, Jack!).  She remains unnamed, but Jack calls her "sissy." He is also quick to point out any "baby" he sees in public (even if the "baby" is a few months younger than he is).


  1. I was called Sissy for many years of my life. Mom and dad thought I would be a boy so they kept telling my sister she was going to be getting a little " bubby-brother" so when I was born Debbie kept calling me "bubby". So they renamed me Sissy and still today, I am known as " sissy" to most of my cousins. Jack you will love having a "Sissy". Love grandma Shirlee

  2. Did Mr. Jack get a hair cut?!!?!


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