Monday, October 3, 2011


It's official: I have amazing family and friends. Yesterday I attended what I thought was a BBQ at Brooke & Mikkel's.  I took brownies.

When I arrived - I saw that there were balloons. "Wow, Brooke went all out for this," I said to Tyson as we pulled up. When I reached the backyard - I saw gifts...then heard familiar voices yell "Surprise!" It was a Baby Shower in honor of our Baby Girl! I was shocked and SO excited to spend the afternoon with so many people I love. Our Baby Girl got a TON of new outfits {which she is excited about, because she heard I was going to dress her in Jack's hand-me-downs}, new shoes, handmade blankets, hats, & booties {gorgeous}, DOLLS {some with blinky eyes - verdict still out}, tutus, and leggings {I love leggings!}.  She also got her first Detroit Lions gear - adorable! {the Lions are 4-0. Word.}

I received a box of Donut Cutter donuts from Brooke & Christina {the hostesses}. They know what speaks to my heart...  And my Grandma came with a shirt box full of pumpkin cookies (remember my post about those?). I'm one VERY happy pregnant lady!

 Jack had lots of friends at the party, too!
After the party - Jack spent some time cuddling with his Gigi.  She even played baseball with him. Brownie points for Gigi!
It's a Jack Sandwich - on "Grandma" bread.  He was in HEAVEN with all the love and attention. (more on this to come...)

**I actually have a ton of great pics from the party - but my computer has locked them in iPhoto. I'm stumped and not at all happy about it.

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