Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday Parties & Band Practice

Saturday we celebrated Chloe's 7th Birthday in New Haven! I can't believe she's 7! She's growing up way too fast! Jack was SO excited to go see Chloe for her birthday and he had a blast with everyone. Josie did too! She got to see her younger (by 2 weeks) cousin, Kinley. 
Aunt Linda with her grand-daughter & Nancy with her grand-daughter. Uncle Bill & Grandpa Denny better watch out - I see shopping trips in this group's future! American Girl Dolls, anyone?
 Jack and Chloe had a blast swinging & playing in Chloe's sandbox.
 Then Jack opened a belated birthday present from Linda & Bill...a drum with a ton of musical instruments. Band practice was on. Drum Major Jack led the ensemble. Hey, Linda, thanks for the gift.
 No, really. Thanks. :)
 Josie spent some time swinging with her Great Aunt Becky. She loved all the attention!
But it was exhausting! She had to nap on her Great Aunt Marie. It was such a busy, yet fun filled weekend with family. Nothing beats it. We are so blessed to be so close to so many people we love. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Love these pictures! Nancy and Linda are two VERY proud grandmothers. The musical instruments are a great gift.... They will allow Jack to show off his music talent. Thanks Linda, I think it was a wonderful gift. See everyone soon, another very proud grandmother ( of Jack and Josie Becker). Grandma. Shirlee


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