Thursday, April 5, 2012


Baseball fans - you know what TODAY is...It's OPENING day! Woo Hoo! This family is excited for some baseball in our lives again. We miss a lot of things (& people) back in Detroit. But we will miss taking in a baseball game at Comerica Park on a whim. Jack is finally able to enjoy the game and he's pretty obsessed with it.
The Detroit Tigers added a new face to the line-up this year and we are SO excited. His name might ring a bell: Prince Fielder. Yeeeesssssss! Playoffs? Did somebody say, "Playoffs"?
Fortunately, Fort Wayne has a pretty sweet little ball park and a pretty good team in the Fort Wayne Tincaps! Laugh all you want about their mascot...but I've heard amazing things about the park and the $1 beer nights. Ummm, yes, we will be going to a few games! And Jack will LOVE every second of it!
Bring on baseball season!


  1. Let's plan to take the boys & Josie to a TinCaps game soon when its warmer! I took the boys to the stadium the other day to see the field & run around & they loved it. Matt & I got to enjoy the first game last night w/o the boys. It was freezing, but fun! ~Julia

    1. Definitely!! We may try to get some $5 lawn tickets for tonight - if you guys are going. I like that Saturday games are at 5:05! Perfect for toddler bedtimes!


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