Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Still unpacking...

I remember this going MUCH faster pre-children. Luckily, it's Grandma Nancy to the rescue today! She took Jack to Target and the park while I've been getting both kids' rooms (semi) organized. Holy moly do they have A LOT of clothes.
Here Miss Josie having a nice chat with herself as I was getting ready the other day. She laughed for the first time yesterday. It was awesome!
Jack and his beggar buddy, Cooper. It seems when Jack is eating, Cooper is right there being his best friend. When Jack is playing & running around like a crazy man - Cooper is no where to be found. I guess he's gotten wise in his old age.


  1. looking good in that new house of yours :) :) any renovations needed or everything is all set?

    1. Aside from some painting, everything is all set. Beckers don't do renovations! :)

    2. I should note that we don't do renovations bc we have little vision and zero skill...

  2. Thanks so much for the pictures of my cute grand children and grand dog. Love them! Post more.... It makes my day. Thanks.
    Grandma Shirlee


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