Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The movers left our Jump-a-roo in the garage, so I hauled it into the house today. My intention was that I could start putting Josie in it while we spend time in the playroom. She gets bored watching Jack & I take turns pitching and hitting all day.

I lugged the thing to the basement and set it up. Then I ran back upstairs for Josie. In the meantime, Jack decided he missed his favorite infant toy and jumped back in the "saddle."

This is how I found him when I came downstairs:
Eventually, I convinced him that it was a baby toy and he was a "big boy." I don't think he bought it...but I think the small leg holes were cutting off his circulation, so he got out.
Josie enjoyed a few bounces. Her legs are too short to hit the ground, so I put a pillow and a yoga mat under her feet. There is also a good chance the small leg holes were cutting off her circulation, too. The girl has some rolls. No doubt, jumping will do her a world of good in the exercise department. More on this later...

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