Monday, November 14, 2011

Becker Wedding Weekend

We were in Fort Wayne this past weekend for a Becker Wedding. Tyson's Uncle Jeff married his long-time girlfriend, Marie. We had already considered her a Becker, but they made it official on Saturday.  Jack's Uncle Devin flew into Detroit Thursday night. We were excited to spend some time with him!
The next Becker groom is DEVIN! We can only hope he finds a decent razor before the last weekend in July.
Two brothers - having a fairly serious conversation during post-wedding pictures. Notice they both use their hands to make their points seem more important than the other's.
The Becker clan. Uncle Larry, the bride - Marie, the groom - Uncle Jeff, Aunt Becky, Denny (in the back) served as Best Man, and Uncle Bill. This group once ruled the streets of New Haven, IN!

I am ashamed to say that I took ZERO pictures of Jack all weekend. What a terrible mom! Jack stayed home from the wedding and entertained his Great Aunt Sally & Uncle Tom.  We are so thankful they were able to watch him!!

Pre-wedding festivities were so exciting - they sent Billie into early labor.  She's due two weeks after me...but was in the hospital Friday to stop the contractions.  Rumor is - the contractions are back today. Seems her Baby Girl isn't interested in missing any more family get-togethers! She wants to be around for Thanksgiving & Christmas! Lots of positive thoughts for Billie & Brent today!


  1. Where is a picture of YOU all dressed up? :)

  2. I was hiding behind a camera... I've reached the "very large" stage of pregnancy. :)

  3. Marie looked very pretty and Jeff looked very handsome. Too bad Mr. Jack was not at the wedding to give them his " blahblahblah" speech. Grandma Shirlee


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