Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Date with Syd

IMPORTANT: Justina Suh is NOT the name of the baby. It was a joke. Sorry. Justina is a nice name, but it is not in the running to be Baby Becker's name. Tyson's Aunt Kim has suggested Kimshirnan. It's under consideration.

Our neighbors, Jessica and Mike, took Jack to a Holiday Parade on Saturday. I was at the Craft Show and Tyson was finishing up some work.  Jessica offered to take Jack along so he wouldn't miss out on seeing Santa! Rumor has it - the Monster Truck was a Jack favorite. Trucks & buses are a new found LOVE.

Last night Syd came over for a dinner date.

The tots dined on Organic Popcorn Chicken, whole wheat pretzels, and Honeycrisp apples. Juice was the drink of choice.  And for dessert - pudding & a swedish fish. Yum!
There was a Toddler Dance Party after dinner. Our thanks to Katy Perry & Fergie for their amazing songs. These kids love to groove to their jams!
Not sure what this was all about, but it was really funny (according to them).  They also played basketball, had a Scream-Off, and pretended the dogs' bed was a trampoline. I can't speak for Syd, but Jack was dead tired!

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