Thursday, November 10, 2011

Living on the Edge

Pretty sure this is Jack's motto in life. He loves pushing his limits, seeing how far he can go before he: 1) gets in trouble or 2) gets hurt.  Gotta love boys.

In other VERY exciting news - Jack would like to officially congratulate his lake buddies: Kelly & Aaron Wright (and grandparents: Mark & Karen Dixon)! Baby Madison arrived early this morning 12:30am! {my theory is she couldn't decide if she wanted an 11/9 or 11/10 birthday} Madison's cousin Ethan arrived on October 18th - which means Jack & Baby Becker have TWO new friends to play with at Lake George this summer! I told you we were having a baby boom at the lake! Congratulations Wright/Dixon family! We can't wait to meet Miss Maddie!

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