Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A (not so) Relaxing Campfire

On Sunday night Tyson decided we should have a bonfire and I decided we should have s'mores.  Jack hasn't been able to participate in events like this because he is normally asleep. His participation Sunday was thanks to daylight savings time (more on this)...
Have you ever heard the expression: "...like a bull in a china shop." ? That pretty much sums up Jack. Add a fire and it's a dangerous situation. Of course, he wanted to "help".  He also wanted to throw a ball and do anything BUT sit still.
We enjoyed a few s'mores and then Tyson declared: "This is having the opposite effect. It's not relaxing. Time for bed, Jack." And that was the end to our bonfire.

Jack woke up at 5am yesterday...NO thanks to daylight savings time on that one! Like the mean mommy that I am - I made him stay in bed until 6:50. I think he fell back asleep... But I also vaguely remember hearing him carry on a conversation with himself.

**Like my shirt? It's Tyson's. I have reached that point in my pregnancy. I raid my husband's closet for clothes that fit.

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