Friday, November 4, 2011

Flashback Friday

Our flashback today is a picture of Tyson with his beloved shitzu, Gizmo. Gizmo died in a very tragic accident when Tyson was in high school.  According to everyone (except Denny - I haven't polled him) Gizmo was a "wonderful dog."  All through college I heard about Gizmo - "the best dog ever." I have always had a dog...always.  But my family tends to like BIG dogs (stop by my parent's house sometime when we're all there...6 dogs ranging from 70lbs - 120lbs...we're insane)  Anyway, before we got married I worried that Tyson would want to find a Gizmo-esque dog for us. However, much to my surprise, he agreed that we could get labs! Coop & Tuck - you're welcome.

Gizmo - hope you are enjoying puppy paradise in heaven. You are still loved by the Becker family!

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  1. Wow Tyson looks sooooooo good in this picture. A very handsome young man!


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