Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Flashback

Our Friday Flashback this week is Tyson (I'm guessing he's 1?!?) and his Grandpa Chalk.  Chalk was Nancy's father. His first name was Oscar, but because he started getting white hair at such a young age - everyone started calling him Chalk and it stuck.  Tyson has his grandpa's name as his middle name: Tyson Chalk Netherland Becker.  He always gets some interesting looks when he tells people his middle name is "Chalk."

And - I can't ignore Tyson's cousin, Ryan (at least I think it's Ryan) - who apparently hijacked the picture! Kids in Fort Wayne learn to "defend themselves" at a very early age!

EDIT: Actually, the hijacker is Tyson's cousin Seth! Those Swihart boys looked so much alike!!

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