Friday, November 18, 2011

Falling Leaves

That rake looks good in your hands, boy!

"Jumping in Leaves" Rule #1: You're not having fun, if you don't have leaves smashed in your hair and on your face.
By 10am today I was ready to wave my white flag and surrender. It's usually my mission to wear Jack out, but today he had me worn out...and lunch/nap was a long way away. I sucked it up, put on some sweats (for you, Carrie) and told Jack we were going outside to play.  I grabbed the rake and made a pile. Who knew - the leaves were a HUGE hit! Jack ran through them, jumped in them, and threw them (no surprise there).  I even "jumped" in them...probably not the best decision at this point... but we had fun!

Let this post suffice as your "fill of Jack" (Grandma Shirlee)... I have a craft show all day tomorrow.  Tyson and Jack will have a Dude's Day. Luckily for Tyson Santa (aka: Ho Ho Ho) is appearing in a parade here tomorrow morning!

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