Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dinner for Two

Jack had a dinner date with Sydney on Monday night. They dined on all beef hotdogs, Trader Joe's apple/carrot crushers, cheese crackers, and fine wine... Okay, sippy cups of juice. Bless Jessica for taking on two kiddos, especially so close to bedtime!
 Don't tell Sydney's Daddy...Jack tried to sneak a cuddle on the lazy boy. Sydney wanted NO part of it.
She was totally giving him the cold shoulder. "Don't get fresh with me, Jack!"
Dear Santa,
Jack has embraced his inner chef. He loves playing with kitchens and he can whip up a pretty mean bowl of (fake) soup! I was shocked at how much it held his attention! I'm sold!

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  1. Dear Jack's Santa,
    Ikea has an awesome wooden kitchen that has burners that light up. Plus, they sell some neat looking food.


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