Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving Day celebration.
 The Lions crew preparing to head downtown. 
Jack found out he wasn't invited. He wasn't happy about it. BUT - he stayed behind with his Grandma and they had a fun time! Maybe we should have brought him along...he may have brought better luck to our Lions. Yikes.
When we got back from the game - Nancy had the table set and dinner (almost) ready! We ordered 90% of our meal from a local "specialty" market. The turkey was ready for the oven and most of the sides just needed to be heated. Nancy made my favorite - Schnitzel Beans - and brought them up! Yum!
Denny got some "coaching" from Nancy and Tyson as he cut the turkey! He was a good sport about it.
Jack waiting (im)patiently for his Thanksgiving dinner! His favorite? The mac & cheese, of course! Although, he was also a fan of the pumpkin pie!

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We definitely missed seeing our whole family. New rule in our household - no more holiday babies! Spring, summer, or fall...from now on...

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  1. I totally agree no more holiday babies! I really missed the family time and if this has to happen again, I would rather be in Florida where I might not even remember it is a holiday. ( due to the bright sunshine and the swimming pool) Jack is so cute in these pictures... It looks like Grandma and Grandpa Becker enjoyed themselves ... How could they not with such a handsome, sweet, loving grandchild like Jack Dyer Becker. Miss you guys, love grandma Shirlee


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