Monday, November 28, 2011


Still pregnant. Still having on/off contractions.  Still trying to finish up about a million and a half things on my list of "THINGS THAT MUST GET DONE BEFORE LEAVING FOR THE HOSPITAL..."

Sorry for my lack of pictures. Sorry for my lack of "happy".

It's stressful times in the Becker House. We'll get better. I promise.


  1. I just texted Baby Becker #2 and she says that her baby apartment is real nice and she isn't ready to leave. Also, I wish I was in town to help you with your "to do" list. Greta sends her love.

  2. Baby Becker knows how cold it is going to be outside in Michigan so she has decided she will stay as long as she can...... Thay may have to just kick her out .... With a little juice in her mommy's system... But hopefully not! Come on Miss Baby Becker, we are anxious to meet you. Love Grandma Shirlee

  3. Hang in there Kady! You won't care what didn't get done on that list once your sweet girl is in your arms. :)

  4. Stay strong Kady, hang in there, one day at a time... You, Tyson, Jack and baby girl are all in our thoughts! When baby girls arrives, you will forget all your worries! XOXOX Uncle Joe and Aunt Gina.


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