Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Special Saturday

It was a sad special day in our house today.  Jack got his first mullet hair cut! I will not lie. This was Tyson's decision and yes, I cried. While eating dinner, I looked over at my little guy and couldn't help it - I started crying. How do babies grow up so fast? I know it was time for the curls to go (they had become kind of ratty), but that was his baby hair!
The locks before they got the chop. Did I save them? You better believe it!
Even with a sucker, Jack protested when the nice lady cut around his ears.
But in the end, he walked away looking very handsome and grown up. They gave us a coupon for his "second hair cut."  I told them, "Thanks...we'll see you in another TWO years."


  1. I reallly wish you guys would have not cut off his curls.... He has now lost his little boy look. However, no matter how his hair is, long or short, he is such a cute and sweet little boy. Love you, my little Jack. Grandma Shirlee

  2. Wow - thanks for making me feel better about it, Mom!


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