Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One last look at our Baby Girl

Today I had my final ultrasound - which was my last look at the baby until she decides to join us on the outside! Ultrasounds are hard to look at and interpret...but I've had so many, I have to admit - I've gotten pretty good!

Our little girl is measuring perfectly at 35wk 6 days. She is estimated to weigh 6lb 3oz right now (that was Jack's birth weight) and is in the 48%. My doctor was happy with all of it. It was at THIS appointment with Jack - that we were sent into a panic thinking he was too small. It will be interesting to see how this "normal" pregnancy plays out. I've been doing my homework and I feel so much more prepared for the birthing experience!

I don't have another appointment until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving! (the holiday threw my schedule off) Let's hope she stays put until then! Tyson, Denny, & I are going to the Lions vs Packers game on Thanksgiving day - and I couldn't be more excited! A Lions victory could kick-start contractions...and at that point, I'd be okay with it. Get me to the end of November and I'm a happy momma-to-be!

Finally - a HUGE congrats to Justin Verlander - the KING of PITCHING! He was the unanimous winner of this year's Cy Young Award (and should win MVP, but we'll see). He has made his city very proud!

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